Did you know that your cable service limits what you watch on television? Cable users are left out of the loop when it comes to television programming, new movie releases, and sports programming. Satellite TV offers an unparalleled television experience to its subscribers. Not only are they privy to the latest in high definition technology on more channels, but they also get exclusive drama and comedy TV shows, a plethora of the latest movies, and sports packages that surpass the needs of any die hard fan.

Cutting Edge TV Programming

As a cable subscriber, you have to wait years to see the hot shows that all of your friends are addicted to right now, like Entourage and Weeds. You’re afraid to admit that you don’t know whether Turtle is an animal or a person. And you can’t see how people could relate to a drug-dealing suburban widow. Satellite TV offers the channels you need to stay current while offering you drama and comedy programming that is more racy, more real than what you watch on your basic cable. You can experience this programming in high definition as well, which brings you even further into the drama.

New Movie Releases

Satellite TV makes getting the latest movie releases easy. You can rent high definition new movies straight from your satellite TV provider whenever you want at a low cost. This benefit makes your hectic life a little easier by removing the stress of picking up a movie at your local video store that the whole family can enjoy. Rather, you can all pick the flick for your family movie night from the comfort of your own living room.

Superior Sports Programming

The ultimate sports fan isn’t a true sports fan unless they have satellite TV. With a satellite package, you have access to sports programming like the NFL Sunday Ticket, Mega March Madness, and NASCAR HotPass. These features enable you to get the most from the college and professional sports that you love to watch on the weekends. You can watch up to eight games at once with NFL Sunday Ticket and four games during March Madness. Additionally, satellite TV makes your favorite sports more interactive through the special features and high definition technology.

With satellite TV, you have it all: cutting edge TV programming, new movie releases, and superior sports programming. All of this hardly requires a sacrifice either. Subscribers get all of these added benefits but get to keep their local channels as well, resulting in hundreds of channels. This also comes at an affordable price for any budget. In some cases, it can even cost less than what you’re paying your cable provider. So why limit yourself with cable TV when you can have the latest in high definition technology and advanced programming with satellite TV. It’s time you extended your television experience beyond the limits of basic cable and explore all that satellite TV has to offer.

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