Custom made subliminal messages can give you total control over your life. You can create your own script for any situation or circumstance. The script comes with music that you can select from a wide variety of tracks. Create many unique messages and make your personal album.

It is easy to create messages. Effective messages that penetrate the subconscious mind can give you a positive view of life. The messages are more effective when they are custom made. This means that they should relate to your needs. With custom-made messages, you can manipulate your thoughts to your advantage. Irrational beliefs that you have been holding for many years can be changed and maladjusted behaviours can be extinguished. The goal of these messages is to help you fulfil your desires and goals. They are an aid to achievement motives.

Effective subliminal messages are composed of two tracks. These are the programming track and the activator track. The programming track is used to bring the person into deep state of meditation. To reach a deeper level, the person must relax. The programming track takes the mind through four stages. The stages include the goals and affirmations that you have created. High frequency and low frequency subliminal messages are used to create the programming track.

The conscious mind cannot detect the various stages of these messages. Scientists have proved that the eardrum can detect the subliminally recorded messages. When the eardrum receives subliminal messages, it sends the messages to the brain in a transformed state. Therefore, it is possible to send subliminal messages directly to the subconscious. Custom made tracks contain strong messages that can penetrate the subconscious.

Put simply, subliminal messages are goals, wishes, desires and affirmation that are sent as sound or music signals to the subconscious.

The function of the activator track is to facilitate programming. In order to activate programming of subliminal messages, the person must listen to the activator track. The person must not be busy during this time.

The activator track contains messages in the form of goals and affirmations. The tracks contain a range of frequencies from high to normal. The music used in activator tracks is different from the programming track. While the music for the programming track is meditative, the music for the activator track is carefully mastered.

The programming track and the activator track can be enriched with NLP. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP is used to reinforce positive behaviour.

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