Microsoft Outlook supports using IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol 4) account that uses a personal folders (.pst) file as the default e-mail store. A PST can get corrupt for several reasons and show abrupt symptoms, such as described below. These events create situations that demand for PST Recovery solutions.

For example, consider a situation when you try to send an e-mail message in MS Outlook 2003, which is configured to use an IMAP account. The message sending fails and you receive an error message as mentioned below:

“Sending reported error (0x80040201): ‘Unknown Error 0x80040201.”

You might observe additional symptoms like you fail to delete email items from your personal folder.


All these symptoms indicate that the Outlook PST that you are using as the default data file is corrupted. The most probable reason could be PST file size above 2 GB. MS Outlook 2002 and its earlier versions have a file size limitation of 2 GB for PST, beyond which PST gains chances of being corrupted. However, PST file corruption can also result from other reasons too.


To repair the corrupted PST, Outlook installation includes a Scanpst.exe file. The file launches ‘Inbox Repair Tool’ that can fix most of the corruption issues associated with Outlook PST. This is a hidden file, so make sure that the ‘Show hidden files and folders’ option is enabled to view the file. Further, you can follow these steps to start repair:

1. Close Outlook
2. Click ‘Start’ and then ‘Find’ or ‘Search’
3. Type ‘scanpst.exe’ in the search box
4. Double-click the file to open ‘Inbox Repair Tool’
5. Browse to the affected PST and specify the file name
6. Click ‘Start’ to begin repair
7. Click ‘OK’

The Inbox Repair Tool(scanpst.exe) cannot repair the PST that is above 2 GB in size. Though you can use the 2 GB truncation utility to crop the file first and then repair, but this causes specified value of data to lose. A more efficient and safe solution to repair such PST (or any corrupted PST) is to use a commercially built PST Recovery Software. These applications are perfectly designed PST(personal storage file) Recovery utilities that use advanced scanning algorithms to examine and repair the corrupted Outlook personal folder.

PST File Recovery Software is a user-friendly utility that repairs corrupted PST and restores it with original content and view. The PST Recovery Software supports MS Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. The software offers a 3-pane interface, similar to what Outlook appears. The tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

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