Microsoft Windows, the beloved operating system, is adorned with a long list of features; just one on this list is remote assistance. This is especially of help, when remote tech support technicians demand for the remote access, while offering troubleshooting or issue resolution. Remote computer repair has emerged as a boon for users, saving them from the hassled task of sending the PC back to the manufacturer or hauling the machine to a repair store.

Windows come with an inbuilt Windows remote assistance feature that is activated on every PC. What most users do not understand is that activating this feature can lead to serious security issues and risks. What they then look for is an option that can help them disable it easily.

Now, the type of Windows Operating system in use today are many and entails Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8 and more. The steps involved in disabling the tool slightly differs for each of these OS. The process has been described in brief below.

Steps involved in disabling Windows Remote Assistance on Windows Vista and Windows 7:

Begin by pressing Window + Break together that helps in summoning the System Window. Choose remote settings from the list that appears on the left. In Windows Vista, the admin password must be inserted or the continue button clicked. The check mark on the box that reads Allow Remote Assistance Connection must then be removed. And the option that states Don’t Allow Connections to This Computer in Remote Desktop section must be chosen. Next, finish by clicking OK and then close the window to get out.

Steps involved in disabling Windows Remote Assistance on Windows 8

The Windows + C keys must be pressed together to open the Charms Bar. Next Control panel, under Settings must be clicked. Next System and Security is to be clicked. The box next to Allow Remote Access must be checked and the checkmark in the box next to Allow remote connection to this computer should be removed. Finish by clicking Apply and then OK.

Steps involved in disabling Windows Remote Assistance on Windows XP

The system dialog box must be opened with Window+ Break keys combination. Next, in System properties dialog box click Remote tab. Next the check from the box that reads Allow Remote Invitations to Be Sent from This Computer must be removed to uncheck the same. Next, checkmark from the box next to Allow Users to Connect Remotely to This Computer should also be removed. Finish by clicking OK.

The above mentioned steps can easily help in disabling WRA on different versions of Windows operating systems. But, if you still feel the need for support, contact Windows support experts and avail technical computer support to accomplish the task easily and hassle free.

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