Some of the computer problems may be spontaneous and there may be nothing the user could have done to prevent it. Still, there are many things that a user can do to ensure proper computer maintenance. Some of these are, not overloading the computer with too many programs, routinely deleting unnecessary files, optimizing the browser, occasional disk cleaning, keeping the computer clean and allowing air flow around it, and computer virus removal.

Most of the users routinely manage ordinary things like disk cleaning, deleting of unnecessary files, and maintaining the computer room in the right temperature. However, they are often powerless against the entry of computer viruses into their program as these can easily spread through email attachments or instant messaging. The fact that the system has been infected becomes evident only when the computer becomes slow, or does not respond properly, or locks up frequently. Computer virus removal then becomes a must.

What a user can do by way of computer maintenance for minimizing computer virus removal is having an antivirus program installed in the machine. The user should also ensure that the antivirus software is continuously updated because viruses progressively increase in strength and versatility and a program that is completely up-to-date is necessary to combat them.

Keeping the firewall turned on is an important part of computer maintenance. Sneaking in of malicious programs to the computer can be controlled substantially by having an active firewall. It will also ensure that outsiders do not have access to the data stored in your computer. In an office network firewalls can also be used to block the employees’ access to entertainment sites during office hours.

Better computer maintenance will also be affected by keeping the operating system up to date. Further, every computer user should be extremely careful about opening email attachments that come from unidentified sources. These are the primary carriers of viruses even when a machine has got a good operating system and latest antivirus software.

Installing antispyware software is also important in computer maintenance. These will prevent unwanted pop-ups, will minimize interference from other programs, and will thus provide real-time protection. Antispyware programs have a monitoring system that can detect unwelcome programs, and recommend action against them.

Even when all the computer maintenance rules are followed, a machine might still get infected, necessitating computer virus removal. So far as the infected file is unimportant and can be deleted, the virus can be easily removed. If the file is important and cannot be removed, disinfecting the file could sometimes work though this may not be possible in the case of all viruses. It might then become necessary to reformat the computer entirely.

Besides standard computer virus removal programs, there are also virus removal tools designed to remove specific viruses. While it may not be practical for individual users to buy or download these different things in their PCs, many computer repair companies will be having an array of such tools in addition to routine computer virus removal programs. During emergencies their help will ensure that your infected data is not lost.

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