For over a year I have been observing the trend – convergence of Church Management Software (CMS) and web content management services. Because the CMS programs are moving online as solutions. Church Management Software have gone beyond the boundaries as a customer relationship management system and include website building, mail merge, volunteer management, event scheduling, discussion boards, online help system, contribution and batch tracking.

The online Church Management Software maintains different levels of administration and security. So, it works all the way down to individual members of the church and allows them to see member-specific information on the web page on successful login. So, some users will, after login, view the statements of their contributions, whereas some others will find invitations, still some others will find information about various missions. And there can also be an administrator/moderator who will oversee the entire operation.

Administering a church can be a difficult task – requiring a considerable amount of efforts and resources. However, with quality church management software and a useful database, churches and its members can take control of their data and better minister to their congregations.

Keeping pace with the rise in web programming, the online CMS offers, some of gone at length to provide full intelligence on the functioning. And according to them one can establish specific groups, the visitors of a Christian website can be tracked so that it becomes easy to create a list of church choir members. Even a report on who is having a birthday within the choir membership can be obtained. Besides, there are several other impressive features. One can easily send targeted information to specific groups.

The online CMS also includes the ability to assess the attributes, gifts, styles, skills, passions, styles, etc., to manage the volunteers. The members can be persuaded to take time to fill out a form. And if the church has a discipleship program all the steps of it can be tracked for administrative purposes. This data can be used while seeking people for specific positions.

Also the publicity material can be scheduled and delivered to specific groups. Of several other features, it can do nightly backups on-site or off-site. Good heavens! Even with so much functionalities, most of the Church Management Software (CMS) ensure that it is always easy and no technological expertise is needed except for little bit web surfing experience and office management idea.

Utilizing these effective online CMS, and church can dramatically improve its efficiency and ability to fulfill God’s call. And I hope it is not difficult in finding a good CMS if one knows the requirements of your church. Online CMS are definitely going to rock the Christian world and fulfill the demand of the web-centric modern life.

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