Brain Entrainment through a binaural beats download is becoming an increasingly popular and effective tool for personal development amongst people world wide – and rightly so, for with a tried and tested scientific approach, this process excels in allowing one to effectively reprogram their mind in order to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Here exists a tool, which in conjunction with your own imagination, can aid in the elimination of negative attributes, as well as provide a gateway to the undiscovered depths of the human mind. Whether your field is psychotherapy or metaphysics, binaural beats are bound to arouse some interest in you.


Binaural beats work by generating two tones into each ear, which your brain then combines into a single tone, before altering its frequency to match that of the single tone. This auditory phenomenon is what is known as brain entrainment. The frequency of this targeted single tone will vary depending on which brain state you’d like to achieve. For example, were you to have your brain hooked up to an EEG (Electroencephalograph) whilst in deep sleep, the ECG graph would display a frequency pattern in conformity with a brain in the act of sleep (Delta wave). Therefore if you suffer from insomnia, the logical solution would be to absorb this frequency, which obviously is conductive to a brain state in deep sleep.


These frequency alternations can make your brain more susceptible to change and positive reinforcement, and so you can therefore dramatically change the way you think; eliminating unwanted negative-thought patterns, and replacing them with positive affirmations at the peak of your hypnotic state.

With sufficient will-power on the user’s part, these MP3s can be put to effective use in either eliminating unwanted characteristics, or developing & enhancing positive ones; like heightened cognitive awareness for example, or a greater memory recall. The chances are that no matter your psychological make up, there is an MP3 out there which can benefit you tremendously.


Musicians will be happy to hear that binaural beats can help with creativity. For example, a musician relies heavily on his imagination to conjure up musical ideas; a task made easier if the mind is programmed to a certain ‘passive’ state, where the analytic mind does not interfere, and the creative mind flourishes (ever notice how your best ideas happen either late at night or right before bed?). Binaural beats can induce the state required for unbound creativity, without the need for drugs!


1. Beat addictions, i.e. smoking.

2. Boost your immune system.

3. Boost your energy.

4. Improve Memory.

5. Relieve stress and anxiety

6. Reduce blood pressure

7. Lucid Dreaming

8. Cure Insomnia

9. Lucid Dreaming

Plus much more

After experimenting with what seems like hundreds of self help products, none have left me feeling satisfied like these brain entrainment MP3s. The human brain is the most advanced computer on earth, and it boggles the mind that its neurological connections, if stretched out and connected from end to end, can circumnavigate the Earth over two times. Something tells me the human brain is more powerful than we realise, and there aren’t many tings more thrilling than diving within and finding its hidden treasures, of which there are many!

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