ATI2Dvag.dll is a file used by the “ATI Graphics Driver” to help your computer run the various advanced graphics features which ATI is famed for. Even though this file is an extremely important part of your system, the fact is that it’s continually causing a lot of errors due to it either being damaged, corrupted or missing from your PC. If you have ATI2Dvag.dll errors on your PC, the good news is that you can fix them very easily by using the tutorial and steps outlined on this site.

The way to repair the ATI2Dvag.dll error is to first understand exactly what’s causing it to show in the first place. The problem you’re seeing is likely going to show on a blue screen with some other writing around it, as well as the “ATI2Dvag.dll” file mentioned at the bottom. The reason for the blue screen showing (and not just another error message) is because the problem you’re seeing is so serious that Windows cannot run correctly with the problem.

Because ATI2Dvag.dll is used by the graphics driver of your PC (the software which allows Windows to run smoothly with your graphics card / monitor), if it’s damaged or missing, your computer will not be able to process the files it requires to run your monitor – leading your system to just stop working completely. The specific reasons for the ATI2Dvag.dll error to appear on your PC include the fact that this file is often becoming damaged / corrupted, as well as being saved incorrectly. Fortunately, fixing these errors is very simple:

The way to fix ATI2DVAG.dll errors is to first restart your PC into “Safe Mode With Networking”. This will basically allow your PC to boot up without all the drivers and software which can cause it to crash. To do this, you should first restart your PC and then press F8 continually before Windows loads. After that, you should then select “Safe Mode With Networking” to boot your PC into that mode. When in safe mode, you should download a new version of the ATI Graphics Driver from the Internet, which should fix most of the problems you’ve been having with it. This can be done by downloading the driver from the ATI website and then re-installing it in Windows.

After updating the driver, try your PC in “normal mode” again to test to see if the problem has been fixed. If you find it hasn’t fixed the issue, you should then go back into safe mode an manually replace the ATI2Dvag.dll error on your PC with a fresh copy of the file from the Internet. On top of that, you should also clear out the “registry database” of your PC with a registry cleaner. The registry database is a central storage facility for Windows, which basically keeps all the settings and options that Windows needs to use to run inside. This part of your system is very important and used to load up many different DLL files. To ensure no registry errors are causing problems on your system, you should download a registry cleaner program from the Internet, install it and then let it fix the errors your PC has.

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